Liverpool Quiet medium sized front patch for veg and plants

Our plot for rent is a medium to large area at the front side of our house. It's accessed straight from the pavement. There's some border plants already in place which we want to keep. There's a large tree in the corner and a tree stump and the rest is free for gardening - planting, vegetables, flowers. Plants in the ground or in pots are fine. The space is currently somewhat overgrown and initially would need some time to clear it for your planting requirements. There are some nettles so if removing these gloves will be needed. The area gets the morning sun and some throughout the day. The tree provides a good amount of shade. As it's a front space it is open to the pavement but it's on a very quiet peaceful cul-de-sac and we haven't had any problems with this.

Hose / Water Source
Shed / Storage
Watering Can
Weeding Hoe
Type of Space: Front Garden
How it's accessed: Street access (front gardens)