Back garden of a terraced house, oriented North- South and sloped somewhat North. Approx 5m x 10m80. Access via road at the top/back of the garden, possibility of free parking. Brick steps & gravel path down from the road.
Garden is rather overgrown, but has a levelled bed at the top not used for 2 years & covered with black plastic. A small levelled 'lawn' at the bottom could be turned over to veg. without much trouble. Beds at each side have bushes, japonica, rosemary, roses etc. which could be pruned right back or removed. Grass in the middle needs removing and the space turned over to perhaps fruit bushes.

I wish to see the space fruitfully used and am willing to put quite a bit of money into professional help to get it easily usable & productive.

Hose / Water Source
Shed / Storage
Watering Can
Weeding Hoe
Type of Space: Back Garden
How it's accessed: Host will be present